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On : 10 August, 2015

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Answer for my daughter’s hives and eczema.

My daughter, the sweetest 2 year old ever, suffers from many allergies to foods and environmental allergens that cause severe rashes and hives. We watched her suffer as she could not eat red pasta sauce, peanuts, wheat bread, pumpkin bread, corn products, and many other items that a normal toddler can tolerate easily. She would break out in full body hives within minutes of eating any of these foods. She also would develop rashes to any number of environmental exposures including dog hair, many flowers, perfumes, and even grass. We spent our days covering her with lotion and hydrocortisone cream, making her drink benadryl and zyrtec, and trying every over the counter remedy available to help ease her suffering.
Finally, we met Gaila. For several weeks, she desensitized my daughter with various substances, and to my surprise, it worked! Somehow, my daughter can now eat almost any food without a reaction – where once there was hives to spaghetti sauce there is now a normal messy toddler slurping up sauce covered noodles. She can also play outdoors without developing a full body rash from some unknown substance. Yes, we still apply lotion and occasionally have to use steroid cream, but, our once suffering baby is now happy, playful, and able to enjoy life. Gaila has simply been a miracle for our daughter. I cannot begin to express the gratitude that our entire family has for her.

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