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Natural Tips for Baby Colic

Nothing is more heartbreaking that seeing a baby in pain. Here are some tips that may help eliminate or reduce your baby’s distress. Food allergens are the most common cause of baby colic. If you are breastfeeding, eliminate the most common food allergens for at least 2 weeks. The most commonRead more

Why Some Foods Cause Health Problems

Why Some Foods Cause Health

Why Some Foods Can Cause Health Problems When you eat an allergen, your body sees it as a threat and your immune system sends out an alarm as though it is being attacked by a foreign invader. Your immune cells produce proteins called antibodies that trigger the release of inflammatoryRead more

Infant Diarrhea – Natural Relief

On : 08 January, 2015

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Infant Diarrhea – Natural Relief

What we did to completely resolve diarrhea and reflux in a darling, 3 week old baby! Here’s the history and here’s the recommendations that worked for him and hundreds of other babies we have treated over the past 32 years: Mom was positive for beta strep Mom and baby gotRead more


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