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Month: January 2022

Is My Bladder Pain a UTI or Something Worse?

  Symptoms of a urinary tract infection include frequent and painful urination, muscle ache, abdominal pain, fatigue and weakness. If you have these symptoms but no bacteria is present in your urine, you may be suffering from a condition called Interstitial Cystitis (IC). More than 3 million women in theRead more

Tips for Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss is usually due to hormonal imbalance, thyroid conditions, nutritional deficiencies, post viral infection or high levels of stress leading to stress hormone imbalances. I have helped many patients over the past 35 years who had hair loss but I didn’t realize how devastating it was until IRead more

Tips for Weight Loss Resistance

          “It doesn’t matter what  I do, I can’t lose weight” is one of the most common concerns I hear in my practice.  Here are some tips that may help to explain why you can’t lose weight and what you can do about it. Hidden Causes: Hypothyroid:Read more


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