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Tips for Weight Loss Resistance

          “It doesn’t matter what  I do, I can’t lose weight” is one of the most common concerns I hear in my practice.  Here are some tips that may help to explain why you can’t lose weight and what you can do about it. Hidden Causes: Hypothyroid:Read more

5 Reasons To Detox Your Body

You Wake Up Feeling Like Crap – fatigue, moody, depressed, lack of enthusiasm You Have Digestive Problems – gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea You Have Brain Fog or Headaches You Can’t Lose Weight – eating sugar can trigger addiction and spike your insulin which makes you store belly fatRead more

5 Ways Myo-Inositol Can Help Your PCOS!

Over 75 medical studies have shown that taking inositol can help your PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) issues. Myo-inositol is a carbohydrate found primarily in fruits and is important for insulin sensitivity.  In PCOS, insulin resistance leading to increased levels of insulin is thought to be the primary reason for theRead more


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