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5 Ways Myo-Inositol Can Help Your PCOS!


Over 75 medical studies have shown that taking inositol can help your PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) issues. Myo-inositol is a carbohydrate found primarily in fruits and is important for insulin sensitivity.  In PCOS, insulin resistance leading to increased levels of insulin is thought to be the primary reason for the development of the syndrome. With increased insulin, the ovaries will produce too much testosterone. The combination of high levels of insulin and high testosterone can lead to problems with ovulation and poor quality eggs. Studies have shown that taking myo-inositol can:

  1. Increase your probability of ovulation
  2. Improve you egg quality
  3. Reduce acne and excessive hair growth
  4. Reduce insulin resistance and testosterone
  5. Relieve depression and mood disorder

Women with PCOS have a need for higher inositol intake because they metabolize and lose it at a greater rate than others.



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