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Month: March 2014

90% of Chronic Illness Can Be Prevented

Deepak Chopra, MD “ made the following statement about the impact of lifestyle on health “In the last decade or so mounting research has shown how lifestyle changes, including exercise, stress management, and diet can prevent almost ninety percent (90%) of chronic illnesses in our society. It is now knownRead more

Magnesium Prevents Kidney Stones

On : 27 March, 2014

In : Kidney Stones


Most kidney stones contain calcium and can cause excruciating pain. Magnesium powerfully suppress the formation of calcium-type kidney stones. It also acts as a powerful relaxant for muscle spasms within the ureter – which is the cause of the excruciating pain associated with kidney stones. Several of my patients whoRead more

Diet Impacts Risk of Preterm Delivery

On : 18 March, 2014

In : Pregnancy


A diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grain products and some types of fish may reduce the risk of preterm delivery. This was discovered by an international team of researchers and published in the “British Medical Journal”. For the study, the drinking and eating habits of around 66,000 pregnant womenRead more

Ginger as Effective as Ibuprofen in Relieving Menstrual Cramps

On : 10 March, 2014

In : Endometriosis , Menstrual Cramps , PMS


J Altern Complement Med. 2009. Comparison of effects of ginger and ibuprofen on pain in women with primary dysmenorrhea. This was a double-blind comparative clinical trial. Participants were 150 students (18 years old and over) with primary dysmenorrhea from the dormitories of two medical universities who were alternately divided intoRead more

Self-Reported Sitting Time and Markers of Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, and Adiposity

On : 03 March, 2014

In : Diabetes , Obesity


Self-Reported Sitting Time and Markers of Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, and Adiposity.Read more


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