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Dr. Gaila Mackenzie-Strawn

In 1979, I made a life changing decision.

Having suffering with severe abdominal pain and bloating from the age of two, I decided to find a solution. I have very early memories of being doubled over with pain, going to my parents bedroom in the middle of the night, crying, and pleading with them to help me. Throughout my adult life, I spent countless hours with my knees to my chest, crippled with pain and having to cancel events.

Conventional medicine did not have any answers for me!

Do you feel like no one has truly understood your abdominal pain or taken the time to find the answers for you?

I can relate to your pain because I have experienced it.

What I love most in life is to discover the underlying cause of your symptoms and create a plan to help you correct the problem.

I’ve spent years studying and practicing  Natural Medicine to determine the cause of my abdominal pain and bloating, what I could do to get relief, and how I could help others gain freedom from the pain and discomfort of unresolved health problems.

My Breakthrough

By the late 1980’s, I discovered that symptoms such as abdominal pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, colic, reflux, sinus congestion, headaches, skin disorders, headaches, asthma, anxiety and even depression are usually due to  inflammation.

I found that inflammation is often due to a combination of unrecognized food allergies, imbalanced gut bacteria, yeast overgrowth, untreated pathogens, toxins,  improper diet and nutritional deficiencies.

If you have inflammation in your digestive system, this can cause abdominal pain, gas, constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux,  sinus congestion, sneezing and post nasal drip, skin inflammation leading to eczema and dermatitis, brain inflammation leading to headaches, anxiety, depression, ADD and ADHD, lung inflammation causing asthma and can cause you to have pain almost anywhere in your body.

By discovering the underlying causes, identifying and eliminating food allergies, correcting bacterial and fungal imbalances in your gut, repairing the wall of the your gut, addressing toxicity and addressing nutritional deficiencies, I can help you find the relief you are looking for.

My passion in life is to help patients suffering from health problems gain freedom from their misery and frustration so they can live their lives pain free.

Certification and Education

  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (Functional Medicine University, AFM & Kalish Institute) – CFMP
  • Doctor of Natural Medicine (certified through Board of Natural Medicine) – DNM
  • Board Certified Traditional Naturopath – CTN
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Biology
  • Licensed Chiropractor in the state of California – DC
  • Completed hospital rotations at Maryvale Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona and all required courses for Medical Degree -MD candidate
  • Certified NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Practitioner


  • Currently hosts the podcast “Your Health Connection”
  • Lectured extensively, both publicly and to physicians groups, on the subject of integrative medicine and health for Metagenics.
  • 38 years of experience treating and educating both patients and other healthcare practitioners in the field of natural medicine
  • Invited as an expert guest on several radio and TV talk shows (including The Montel Williams Show on CBS)
  • Produced and hosted a weekly radio program on San Diego radio stations – KFMB, KSDO and KCEO, from 1986-2004.
  • Hosted and produced the syndicated talk show Women’s Health Talk, on 65 stations through Talk America Radio Network.
  • Interviewed by Sasha Foo on KUSI News, San Diego.


  • B.A. in English, Cum Laude, from Windham College, Putney, Vermont
  • M.S. in Biology/Clinical Nutrition, Magna Cum Laude, from University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • D.C. from Southern California University of Health Sciences
  • D.N.M Board Certified from Board of Natural Medicine
  • C.T.N., Board Certified Traditional Naturopathic Doctor from American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board
  • M.D. (Candidate) from UHSA Medical School – finished all required courses
  • Completed hospital rotations in 2007 at Maryvale Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (Kalish Institute)
  • CFMP, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner,  (FMU)

Professional Designations

M.S., D.C., C.T.N.,CFMP, D.N.M, M.D. (candidate)

Professional Associations

Institute for Functional Medicine

American Naturopathic Medical Association

American Holistic Medical Association

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Provider for “Homecoming for Hero’s Program”

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