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Natural Tips for Baby Colic

Nothing is more heartbreaking that seeing a baby in pain. Here are some tips that may help eliminate or reduce your baby’s distress.

  1. Food allergens are the most common cause of baby colic. If you are breastfeeding, eliminate the most common food allergens for at least 2 weeks.
  2. The most common food allergens include dairy, wheat, corn, oats, barley, soybean, eggs, shellfish, citrus, peanuts and spicy foods.
  3. Babies immature digestive systems can react to allergens in breast milk.
  4. Steam or cook your vegetables as these tend to cause less gas in babies.
  5. Eliminate gas forming foods like beans or raw cruciferous vegetables.
  6. If your baby is on a formula, the most common allergens in formula are whey protein from milk and soybean.
  7. Try a hypoallergenic amino acid based or predigested milk protein formula.
  8. Gripe water or activated charcoal can absorb gas and may be helpful.
  9. Try a baby probiotic.
  10. Homeopathic Nat Phos 6X (dissolve 1/2 tablet a little in breast milk or hypoallergenic formula)
  11. Place fennel oil, peppermint oil and ginger oil in a carrier oil like coconut oil and rub into babies stomach area.

The number of colicky babies coming in to my office has risen dramatically over the past 10 years.  A great video that helps to explain why is a TED talk on You Tube given by Robyn O’Brien.  All parents should watch this video.

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