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Study Indicates Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Prevent Endometriosis

On : 07 January, 2013

In : Endometriosis


A study from Brigham and Women’s hospital (BWH) indicates that a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids may prevent the development of endometriosis and too many trans-fats may actually cause it. Endometriosis is a condition that affects up 15% of women and can cause debilitating symptoms.

Holistic or “alternative” medical practitioners often prescribe omega 3’s for reducing or eliminating pain and inflammation. This study did not look at dietary fat intake in regard to treating endometriosis but women affected with it may benefit from increasing omega-3’s and reducing Omega-6’s in their diet.

The cause of endometriosis is unknown but several theories include endometrial cells that travel through the bloodstream, hormonal imbalance, and genetic predisposition. Women who have the condition sometimes show no symptoms but others may suffer with significant pain, nausea, constipation, anemia, or other unpleasant symptoms.

The best approach for treatment is balanced and holistic with diet, exercise, massage therapy, medication, and other tools.

Holistic medicine does offer some general guidelines to discuss with your doctor:


  • Include raw foods in your diet. Some women benefit from eating 50% raw and others go completely raw.
  • Raw foods provide the essential enzymes and other nutrients that are lost in the cooking process.
  • Fiber rich foods such as legumes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains help balance friendly bacteria and hormones.
  • Minimize foods that cause inflammation such as caffeine, alcohol, meat, dairy, and fried or processed foods.
  • The liver’s detoxification of excess estrogens is reliant upon a nutrient called Indole-3-carbinol found in cherries, apples, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. Include these foods in your diet regularly.
  • Flax seeds are a great source of omega-3’s, fiber, and can help bring estrogen levels into balance.

Supplements to talk to your doctor about:

  • Indole-3-carbinol
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Natural iron for anemia
  • Plant based progesterone to balance excess estrogen
  • D-glucurate to help the liver break down excess estrogens
  • Probiotic bacteria
  • Ultraclear Plus Metabolic Detoxification Program

Exercise and stress management

  • Endometriosis symptoms can lead to considerable stress. A daily yoga practice will help with stress management and may reduce pain.
  • Vigorous exercise may help the body excrete excess estrogens.
  • Regular massage will help relieve stress and pain for most women

Endometriosis symptoms can become so intense that they significantly interfere with a woman’s quality of life but with a balanced approach to diet, lifestyle, and medication many women find relief.


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