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Stress Reduction Technique May Ease Hot Flashes

On : 06 February, 2013

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Stress-reduction technique may help ease hot flashes, according to a study by researchers from University of Massachusetts Medical School.

This study involved 110 late peri menopausal and early postmenopausal women. All of them were initially experiencing around 5 or more moderate to severe hot flashes or night sweats daily.

After 5 months, women who received mindfulness-based stress reduction training reported a 21% reduction in ‘bother’ caused by hot flashes.

Even though the intensity of hot flashes did not change throughout the study, women with mindfulness training saw improvements in quality of life, subjective sleep quality, and perceived stress.

According to the researchers, mindfulness can help women cope with sleep problems, stress and anxiety.

What Is Mindfulness?

The concept of mindfulness is simple.

It means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.

For example, when you are experiencing a hot flash, instead of being driven crazy by the sudden heat and heart palpitation, you accept this experience with equanimity, observe the physical sensations and acknowledge your responses to those sensations.

Improve Your Menopause Experience With Simple Techniques

If you keep a positive attitude and take a little preparation, you can deal with menopause much better and minimize the side effects of menopause.

Here are some tips to help you go through menopause with ease:

First of all, educate yourself on this subject. Mystery and misconceptions only add stress to your experience. Menopause is a natural part of life, just like toddlerhood and puberty.

Keep a positive attitude. We are what we think. Once you acknowledge that menopause is natural, and all the symptoms are just your hormones having a wild dance, you may be less reactive and stressed about the emotional and physical changes.

Exercise. Exercise is very beneficial for menopausal women. Regular and moderate exercises can keep you fit, both mentally and physically.

Take mindfulness training. As the study above shows, meditation technique can help ease hot flashes, night sweats and sleeplessness. Learn simple techniques such as breathing and yoga, you may be surprised with the changes to your state of mind and health.

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