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Probiotic Bacteria Shown to Improve Constipation

On : 13 March, 2013

In : Constipation


In a pilot study involving 20 children (average age of 7.4 years) with constipation, daily supplementation with a probiotic (100 million to 1 billion colony forming units of Bifidobacterium breve) for four weeks was found to significantly increase the frequency of bowel movements. Children who began the study with an average of less than one bowel movement per week improved to an average of about five per week after four weeks. They also had increased stool consistency and a significant decrease in fecal incontinence–from nine incidents per week at the beginning of the study to 1.5 in week four. In addition, there was a significant decrease in the number of abdominal pain episodes–4.2 at the beginning of the study to 1.9 in week four.

Previous clinical studies have shown even newborn infants can safely take probiotics at a daily dosage of up to 9 billion bacteria.

Resource: Tabbers MM, de Milliano I, Roseboom MG, Benninga MA. Is Bifidobacterium breve effective in the treatment of childhood constipation? Results from a pilot study. Nutr J. 2011 Feb 23;10:19.


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