Food-allergy induced inflammation can lead to migraine headaches, tension headaches, sinus headaches, or an undetermined form of headache.

Recent research on migraines indicates that food allergies mediated by IgG-type antibodies are specifically to blame.

Headaches may also caused by airborne irritants such as pollens and chemicals including household cleaners, perfumes, smoke, acids, salicylates and vehicle fumes.

Program for Headaches

Acupressure Allergy Relief (AAR) – a safe, painless, clinically proven treatment that is highly effective in relieving the symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.

The AAR treatment does not rely on the use of medications, herbal remedies or supplements. The treatment is available to all ages, including infants.

AAR is a blending of the non-invasive procedures from Western and Asian healing practices that help to eliminate allergies of all kinds, permanently. It is a specific treatment procedure formulated by applying Chinese Medicine principles applied through acupressure and kinesiology. The treatment is geared to re-program the brain’s negative responses towards the allergen(s) to a positive response whenever these substances are contacted in the future. This treatment is based on the Chinese Medicine principle that “no disease is possible when your body is in perfect balance”.



I have suffered with headaches, twice per week, for several years. I was taking either Ibuprofen or Excedrin every week. I felt uneasy about taking pain killers on a regular basis, but felt that I had no choice.
I decided to see Dr. Gaila in May, 2011. Within 2 weeks of beginning the program, my headaches stopped.This program is fabulous.

Sharon M.

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