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How To Heal Hashimoto’s Natually


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Exhausted? Constipated? Dry Skin?                                                       Hashimoto’s = Auto immune disease resulting in inflammation and damage to the thyroid gland.                                                                    Symptoms
  • Fatigue
  • Mental Fog
  • Weight Gain
  • Cold Sensitivity
  • Dry Skin, Hair, Nails
  • Constipation
  • Increased Menstrual Bleeding

Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally Through Dietary Changes

  1. Avoid the raw cruciferous vegetables known as goitrogens. Eating raw broccoli, kale, cabbages, brussel sprouts and cauliflower can interfere with thyroid function. It is ok to eat them cooked.
  2. Follow an allergy elimination diet by avoiding wheat, oats, barley, corn, peanuts, dairy products, soybean and citrus. Allergy and sensitivity reactions cause inflammation in the body.  Chronic inflammation leads to autoimmune disorders.
  3. Greatly reduce or eliminate caffeine, sugar and alcohol.
  4. Use olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil.


  1. Vitamin D3 – maintain a blood level of 40-70 ng/mL to regulate immune function.
  2. Selenium – 200 mcg daily to help to lower antibody levels and reduce inflammation.
  3. Zinc picolinate- 30 mg. daily to boost thyroid hormone to it’s active form (T3) and reduce inflammation and autoimmunity.
  4. Adrenal glandular product – the adrenals and thyroid are intricately linked.  If thyroid hormone levels are off, adrenal hormone levels are imbalanced. I recommend Adrenogen.
  5. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that balances both adrenal and thyroid hormone production.
  6. Probiotics – intestinal bacterial imbalance almost always accompanies autoimmune disease. My favorite probiotic is Ultraflora Balance.
  7. Thyropath homeopathic thyroid support is my favorite product for balancing thyroid disorders. It supports and rebuilds the thyroid system. A thyroid glandular (Thyrotrophin) may also be necessary if TSH is high and T4 and or T3 levels are low.
  8. GI Sustain is a medical food that was designed to help heal the gut and address malabsorption issues. It is essential to correct  “leaky gut” with any autoimmune disorder. The tight junctions in the gut control what passes through the lining of the small intestine. When these junctions are compromised , substances can leak into the bloodstream and create an inflammatory response. Chronic inflammation leads to autoimmune disorders.
  9. Ultraclear RENEW metabolic detoxification program.  I recommend this to all of my patients who have autoimmune disorders.  This product cleanses the body of toxins and heavy metals.  It is a must for anyone who suffers with an autoimmune disorder.




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