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Eliminate Constipation by Identifying the Cause

On : 11 October, 2013

In : Constipation


If you find a solution that offers relief from constipation, but does not identify the underlying cause, you may be putting yourself at risk for long term health problems.

A very common cause of constipation is allergy or sensitivity to certain foods. We have seen hundreds of patients get permanent relief from constipation by identifying and either avoiding or eliminating their sensitivity reactions to certain foods. Follow an elimination diet for 7 days and see if your constipation improves or disappears.

Another common cause of constipation is an imbalance in the natural bacterial balance in the intestine. Taking probiotic bacteria (bifido bacteria) can recreate the natural balance that is necessary for normal bowel movements.

Inadequate intake of magnesium can lead to constipation. Taking 200-600 mg of magnesium citrate can correct the imbalance and alleviate constipation.

Constipation can be a symptom of low thyroid function. In addition to constipation, if you have difficulty keeping your weight down, have cold sensitivity, dry skin, hair loss, feel sluggish and fatigued and experience headaches, you may have low thyroid function. Ask you doctor to order a blood test and check you levels of T4, T3 and TSH. It is important to check all three levels. Just checking one level may miss a low thyroid diagnosis.

Lack of fiber in your diet can cause constipation. The best fruits for alleviating constipation include bael fruit, pear, guava, grapes, papaya and figs. Juicing 100 ml. of raw spinach mixed with an equal amount of water and taken twice daily is a fast and easy fix for constipation.

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