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Anti Inflammatory/Elimination Diet


Anti Inflammatory/Elimination Diet

A growing body of evidence shows that food intolerance or sensitivities can harm numerous body systems and cause a wide range of unwanted symptoms.

For example, food sensitivities/reactions and other gastrointestinal disturbances have been linked to:

  • asthma and allergies
  • chronic congestion
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • autoimmune disorders (ulcerative colitis, lupus)
  • skin conditions (hives, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis)
  • headaches
  • mood disorders (anxiety, depression)
  • arthritis
  • migraines
  • menstrual problems

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed, you may want to consider following an Anti Inflammatory/Elimination Diet. An elimination diet is a way of finding out if any of the foods you are eating are triggering your health issues.

We recommend that you follow this diet for at least 14 days.
Foods to Include Foods to Exclude
Fruits All fruits except those in the exclude row Citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, etc), strawberries, tropical fruit, melons
Vegetables Almost all fresh raw, steamed, sautéed, or roasted vegetables Corn, creamed vegetables
Starch Rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa Wheat, corn, barley, spelt, kamut, rye, oats, all gluten-containing products
Legumes Beans, peas, lentils Soybeans, tofu, tempeh, soy milk,
Nuts and seeds almonds, cashews, pistachios, macadamia Peanuts, walnuts
Meat and fish Fish, turkey, chicken, lamb, wild game Eggs, beef, , pork, cold cuts, bacon, hotdogs, canned meat, sausage, shellfish, meat substitutes made from soy
Dairy products and milk substitutes Rice milk*, almond milk, coconut milk Milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream, yogurt, butter, ice cream, non-dairy creamers,
Fats Cold-expeller pressed olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil Margarine, butter, processed and hydrogenated oils, mayonnaise, spreads
Beverages Drink plenty of fresh water, herbal teas, green tea, (e.g. rooibos, peppermint, etc.) Alcohol, caffeine (coffee, black tea, soda)
Spices and condiments Sea salt, fresh pepper, fresh herbs and spices (i.e. garlic, cumin, dill, ginger, oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme, turmeric) Chocolate, ketchup, mustard, relish, chutney, soy sauce, barbecue sauce, vinegar
Sweeteners Stevia, rice syrup, agave (if needed) White or brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, desserts


Yeast Free Diet – exclude starch and sweeteners from the food list.


After 7 days, slowly reintroduce the omitted foods, one at a time, in order to monitor for symptoms.

Reintroduce a single food for a single day only and then monitor your symptoms for two days. For example, you might decide to reintroduce oats on a Monday. You could eat oatmeal on Monday, continue to eliminate the other potential allergens on the elimination diet during that time and monitor for any abnormal reactions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you have no observable symptoms, try reintroducing another food (i.e. eggs) on Thursday. Continue this process for a couple of weeks, reintroducing one new food every few days, until you’ve determined what foods cause symptoms.

This process may take approximately 5-6 weeks.

We recommend that you keep a journal during the elimination phase and track any physical, mental, or emotional signs and symptoms. If you feel better during the elimination period (i.e. more energy, better sleep, symptoms resolve), it is likely that a food you have eliminated is causing your symptoms.

Possible negative reactions after reintroducing an allergen:

  • insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, restlessness
  • fatigue
  • joint pain and/or inflammation
  • skin breakouts or rashes, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis
  • headaches
  • bowel changes (diarrhea, constipation or GI pain)
  • bloating, gas
  • brain fog, emotional changes
  • sinus or other respiratory issues
  • hives

Elimination Diet is designed to clear the body of food and chemical sensitivities.

Elimination of allergens and chemicals allows the body’s detoxification processes to begin to function efficiently again. Elimination of allergens helps the body to eliminate or “clear” various toxins that may have accumulated due to exposure to chemicals, pollutants, junk foods, beverages, drugs, or alcohol.

Acupressure Allergy Relief (AAR) is a clinically proven treatment that is highly effective in relieving the symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities. The AAR treatment does not rely on the use of medications, herbal remedies or supplements. The treatment is safe, painless and available to all ages, including infants.

Allergies and sensitivities are caused by an unusual or exaggerated response of sensitive individuals to certain substances. This type of biological hypersensitivity occurs in sensitive individuals, while remaining harmless in similar amounts and circumstances in others.

Undiagnosed allergies produce symptoms, illnesses, even chronic diseases like migraine, asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, immune disorders, hyperactivity, arthritis, anxiety and depression. Allergic reactions can affect every system and organ in the body.

AAR is a blending of the non-invasive procedures from Western and Asian healing practices that help to eliminate allergies of all kinds, permanently. It is a specific treatment procedure formulated by applying Chinese Medicine principles applied through acupressure and kinesiology. The treatment is geared to re-program the brain’s negative responses towards the allergen(s) to a positive response whenever these substances are contacted in the future. This treatment is based on the Chinese Medicine principle that “no disease is possible when your body is in perfect balance”.

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