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Dermatitis Before & After Treatment

Before & After Treatment Of Dermatitis


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

I want to tell you how grateful I am for the life changing treatments, advice and caring support you have offered me.
I am finally free from the nightmare of living with multiple chemical sensitivity! I am no longer experiencing diarrhea, headaches, lightheadedness or fatigue. After suffering for the past 13 years and having to leave my home and live in a chemical free environment, I am finally able to live comfortably in my home and am currently enjoying a wonderful, hot, wood burning fire in my stove. Thank you for giving me my life back!
God bless you and thank you for your loving support.

Joannie M.


I have suffered with headaches, twice per week, for several years. I was taking either Ibuprofen or Excedrin every week. I felt uneasy about taking pain killers on a regular basis, but felt that I had no choice.
I decided to see Dr. Gaila in May, 2011. Within 2 weeks of beginning the program, my headaches stopped.This program is fabulous.

Sharon M.


My 9 year old son suffered for years with chronic constipation. Within 2 weeks of seeing Dr. Mackenzie, his constipation was no longer a problem. She identified the foods that were causing his problem and cleared him of the sensitivity. She also recommended probiotic bacteria. The advice and treatment was so simple but incredibly effective. I am so grateful to Dr. Mackenzie.

Diane O.


My three elementary children have weekly sessions at Rancho Bernardo Neurofeedback, as a part of a multi faceted strategy to address attention, behavior, and overall health. We see steady improvements in each child and are certain it’s a direct result of the neurofeedback. We believe this is a wise use of both our time and investments. Our family is treated with such personal care by Dr. Gaila, the technicians and the office manager.  Best of all, the session fee is far below other area providers. Can’t say enough great things about our newly found “tool” in our health toolbox!

Kelli T.

San Marcos, CA.


We adopted our daughter from China right before her 2nd birthday.   All the children my friends had adopted were speaking some English within weeks, most were speaking quite a bit within a few months.  Our daughter was still not speaking after we had her for 2 years.  She was almost 4 years old and would run in circles, speaking the same baby talk word.  Seriously, the same word. It was all nonsense. If I tried to teach her a word she might barely say it, but best cartier replica could never put two words together.  Nor could she remember any words.  She basically acted like she had some severe mental challenges.  I had lost hope trying to teach her, and started to just pray every day that God would help her to talk, because nothing I did worked.  Then I heard about this Neurofeedback and tried out one of the trial sessions.   After the first session she sat up in her car seat on the way home rather than slouching down.  She looked out the window, rather than just staring off.  When we got home, she jumped out of the car and ran to get the recycling can to put it out-on her own-all by herself.  Then after she had dinner she said, “thank you for food.”   Wow!  It was like her brain saw itself in a mirror and started fixing itself.  I took her to 15 sessions.   This training provided me so much hope and encouragement towards my adopted daughter.   She is now teaching my baby words. 🙂

Nicole H.

Valley Center, CA.

Tamara M

At the age of 15 my son was diagnosed with the “worst case” of acne his 30 year Rady Children’s Dermatologist had ever seen. He had acne over ¾ of his body and was very self-conscious about his appearance. Originally he followed the dermatologist’s protocol with meds, cream etc with no significant change in his acne. Within a couple months of starting Dr Gaila’s allergy clearing technique his acne started clearing up without doing anything else…no meds, washes or creams. My 18 year old is now confident about his appearance and glad his acne is a thing of the past! Thank you Dr Gaila!!!

Tamara M.

Susie W

Dr. Gaila has helped my daughter with allergies. I am amazed by the difference it has made to her overall health and virtual elimination for the headaches that were a constant discomfort. Dr. Gaila is professional, she takes the time her patient requires and establishes an easy and comfortable rapport. She is the kindest and most knowledgeable doctor that has ever worked with my child. Furthermore, her treatments have brought real results. Dr. Gaila is the best!

Susie W.

Stephanie T

I have suffered all my life from severe Spring allergies (hay fever). For the first time that I can even remember, I have been able to play golf, garden, and be outdoors for more than a few minutes in the spring without taking any antihistamine drugs. It’s wonderful!  I have recommended Dr. Gaila to every friend I know, and both of my children have seen her. I don’t see how anyone could ever go wrong by going to see her. She is so personable, fun, and a remarkable doctor.

Stephanie T.

Sheila M

Dr. Gaila has been a Godsend! I have had chronic fatigue problems for years. Thanks to all her clearing of my multitude of food allergies and helping me release from emotional upsets, I’m finally getting my energy and life back.  I no longer need 10-12 hours of sleep at night. My family has noticed a significant change in my energy and attitude. They enjoy being around me again, and they love Dr. Gaila for the way she has given them their mom/wife back.

Sheila M.


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