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Program for Skin Disorders

Program for Skin Disorders

Skin Disorders
  1. Assess for Food Allergies & Eliminate with Acupressure Allergy Relief Technique
    • Eczema, skin rashes, hives, blisters and atopic dermatitis can be caused by allergy or sensitivity reactions to foods, fabrics, detergents, plants, chemicals or other contactants
    • Allergy reactions cause inflammation
    • Diets restricting food allergens have been shown to improve skin conditions
    • The most common food allergens are eggs, milk products, chocolate, wheat, corn, oats, strawberries, oranges, peanuts, soy artificial additives, preservatives and colors
    • The most common environmental allergens are detergents, soaps, perfumes, chemicals, fabrics,cosmetics, latex and animal hair
  2. Assess Nutritional Status
    • Check for deficiencies in omega -3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E
    • Disruption in the gut microflora and leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability have been shown to contribute to inflammation and correlate with skin disorders
    • Re-build the friendly bacteria in the gut with probiotic bacteria
  3.  Exercise
    • Stress will increase inflammation in the body
    • Studies incite that massage and exercise can reduce the inflammation

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