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Program for Asthma

1. Assess for Food & Environmental Allergies & Eliminate with Acupressure Allergy Relief Technique

Food allergies are a major cause of asthma, especially when the asthma begins in childhood.
A 1981 study of 284 asthmatic children found food sensitivities in 75% of them, and other studies have identified food allergy as the sole cause of asthma
Most common offenders are eggs, milk products, wheat, oats, corn, gluten, citrus, soy, peanuts and chocolate
Food coloring, preservatives, aspirin and ibuprofen promote the production of potent inflammatory substances seen in asthma
Many asthma sufferers have eliminated symptoms by following an allergy free, anti-inflammatory, Paleo diet
2. Assess Nutritional Status

A University of Cambridge study found that asthma symptoms in adults were associated with a low dietary intake of fruit, vitamin C and manganese
Much research suggests that magnesium relaxes the smooth muscles of the upper respiratory tract
Omega -3 fatty acids in fish oil reduce the actions of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation in the airways
Bioflavonoids have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties


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