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Genova Comprehensive Organic Acids Test

Benefits of the Organic Acids Test

The Organix® Comprehensive Profile is a nutritional test providing insights into organic acids and a view into your body’s cellular metabolic processes.

  • Additionally, children’s reference ranges are designed to provide more accurate pediatric nutritional evaluations.
  • Identifying metabolic blocks that can be treated nutritionally allows individual tailoring of interventions that maximize positive responses and lead to improved outcomes.

Organic Acids and Nutritional Testing

  • Organic acids are metabolic intermediates that are produced in pathways of central energy production, detoxification, neurotransmitter breakdown or intestinal microbial activity.
  • Marked accumulation of specific organic acids detected in urine often signals a metabolic inhibition or block.
  • The metabolic block may be due to a nutrient deficiency, an inherited enzyme deficit, toxic build-up or drug effect.
  • Several of the biomarkers are markers of intestinal bacterial or yeast overgrowth.
  • The Organix® Comprehensive nutritional test profile provides vital information from a single urine specimen.

The Organic acids Nutritional Test Is Valuable For Determining:

-Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
-Amino acid insufficiencies like carnitine and NAC
-Protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism
-Methylation status
-ATP (energy) production via the Krebs cycle
-Vitamin B deficiencies
-Neurotransmitter detection and function (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine)
-Oxidative stress damage and antioxidant status
-Glutathione, lipoid acid and CoQ10 status
-Phase I & Phase II detoxification capacity
-Bacterial and yeast overgrowth
Organic Acid Testing and Clinical Solutions:

  • Full review of your biochemical status and metabolic pathway flow can help identify areas of greatest concern.
  • Follow-up nutritional testing can monitor the effectiveness of selected treatments.

Advantages of the Organix® Comprehensive Profile

  • The Organix® Comprehensive Profile is a nutritional test which contains one of the most extensive biomarker lists in the industry.
  • This technology provides more stability, accuracy, and sensitivity in measuring organic acids at low levels for optimum test results.
  • Single Urine Specimen – A single overnight urine collection is easy to do in the comfort of your home.
  • The Organix® Comprehensive nutritional test is ideal if you suffer from:

-Weight issues
-Sleep abnormalities
-Depression or mood disorders
– Digestive Problems or Chemical Sensitivities
The data attained through the organic acids test is invaluable. It provides a scientific blueprint of precisely what isn’t functioning properly in your brain and body and what needs to be done to achieve a higher level of health.

This information enables us to create a healing plan that is personalized for your unique biochemical needs.

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