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Program For ADD/ADHD

Program For ADD/ADHD

Program For ADD/ADHD
  1. Assess for Food Allergies & Eliminate with Acupressure Allergy Relief Technique
    • Multiple studies over the past 20 years have suggested that diet and food additives can exacerbate hyperactivity
    • Diets restricting food allergens have been shown to improve behavior
    • The most common food allergens include eggs, milk products, chocolate, wheat, oats, corn, strawberries, oranges, peanuts and soy
    • The Mayo Clinic notes that certain food colorings and preservatives may increase hyperactive behavior in some children (sodium benzoate, yellow dye #5, 6, 10, and red dye # 2.
  2. Assess Neurotransmitter Status
    • Check Neurotransmitter status with simple urinalysis and correct any imbalances in norepinephrine, epinephrine, serotonin, dopamine and GABA
  3. Assess Nutritional Status
    • Check for deficiencies in B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and essential fatty acids
    • 80% of children treated by Dr. Joseph Mercola were able to get off medication by supplementing with:
    • 50 mg of B-complex ,1,000 mg. calcium, 500 mg. magnesium and 2 grams of fish oil.
    • This protocol nourishes and stabilizes the CNS, leading improvement in mood stability, mental focus, and brain function
  4. Provide Neurofeedback
  5. Massage & Exercise
    • In one study of 28 teenage boys with ADHD, those who received 15 minutes of massage for 10 consecutive days had better concentration than those who underwent a guided muscle relaxation exercise for the same amount of time
    • Exercise is good for the brain as well as the body, and it may improve ADD/ADHD symptoms as well as mood and anxiety.
    • One study suggests that exercising in open, green spaces boosts brain function

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